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Lumen liths are a hybrid variant of lumen prints. Made by  a contact printing process using organic materials that leave traces and shadows on photosensitive surfaces. In this process, the photosensitive surface is sheet film of varying ages, types and sizes. Once processed, these transparencies can be projected or scanned.

The scanner has several settings that can transform the imagery on the negative. Once scanned as JPG or TIFF, all sorts of digital magic is possible. The images showing at Argyle Fine Arts in Halifax are a series of five such images ( For the past six weeks, I have been an ArtsStarts artist-in-residence at Kitsilano High School demonstrating my lumen printing techniques and guiding students through the process of making their own lumen prints.

Using aged 8×10 sheet film, I have made a series of four lumen liths that have been transformed into various digital iterations. This is a new direction that goes beyond the unique photograms of Anna Atkins and Jerry Burchfield forges a new hybrid form of photo-printmaking.