In Camera: the working dancer, a collaborative exibition of painting, photography and sculpture by Alison Keenan and myself, opens Thursday, 22 November at the Mezzanine Gallery in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The exhibition run thruough 18 February 2013, and if you attend an event at the QE, the work is showing on the Mezzanine and the upper floor for your enjoymnet. This exhibition is the result of the season Alison Keenan and I spent documenting five Ballet BC chorographic workshops during 2011-2012. Our work is a response to our observations of working dancers confronting their own artistic boundaries. We are so appreciative of Artistic Director, Emily Molnar, and Ballet BC dancers and collaborators, Connie Sabo, exhibition coordinator for Emily Carr University Alumni Society and Stamatis Charalambidis at Bill’s Glass. Further information about our work can be found on our respective websites.

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