What Remains, a selection of Salton Sea lumen prints and digital photographs are on show in  In the Earth, in the Sky, which Wednesday evening and runs until 04 November.  More specifically, this exhibition shows the work of ten international artists dealing with the theme of death.

My work is a direct confrontation of death forces in the Salton Sea Region on the California-Mexican border where much of the North American produce is grown at great expense to the environment. While some efforts are in motion to reclaim areas of the Salton Sea and residents are expected to clean debris from the beaches, the salt sea continues to dehydrate causing the salinity level to rise which in turn challenges the Tilapia and other marine life to adapt or die. In the surrounding regions, residents have no choice but to purchase water that has been desalinated. My lumen prints record the traces and shadows of this dying seashore.

This exhibition is is presented by Äkkigalleria, a nomadic art gallery located in temporarily vacant storefronts in Jyväskylä, Finland. “Äkkigalleria was founded by visual artist Anna Ruth and graphic designer/photographer Juho Jäppinen, in 2009, out of the necessity to mobilize the visual arts in spur of the moment happenings. [They] strive to promote creative risk taking, to find new and imaginative ways of sharing art with the public and to bring art to different public spheres by recycling existing spaces.” https://www.facebook.com/pages/Äkkigalleria/144130014608?fref=ts

Salton Sea Beach Debris and Dessicated Tilapia (lumen print, 2011)