A selection of my Salton Sea photographs have been selected for exhibition in In the Earth, in the Sky (heavens), which will take place at the end of October. More specifically, this exhibition shows the work by artists dealing with the theme of death.

My interest in the Salton Sea speaks through my experimental photography used to document the many layers of death present on the shores of a dead body of water situated near the California/Mexican border. This shore of the largest body of salt water on the North American Continent is comprised of sand, crunching barnacles and the skeletal remains of dead marine life. I am drawn to this area because I cannot look away from this ecological killing field. Here, the hollow eyes of dead tilapia stare back at me with a message about time running out on the eco-clock. The traces and shadows on my lumen prints ask, “What remains?”

This exhibition is coordinated by Äkkigaleria.

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